About this Tool

Private Sector Counts is intended to assist donors and program implementers with designing country programs using a total market approach to increase access to quality services and expand method choice.

Why the private sector

Users of the tool can see the contribution of the private sector to family planning in 31 countries. Traditionally, donors and program implementers have focused interventions on the public sector. Local private providers are an important source of family planning service delivery, and they face their own set of challenges. With easy-to-access data on where clients of family planning services obtain their methods of contraception, implementers can design programs that increase the quality of services and remove barriers to expanded services for the provider.

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Relevance of Private Sector Counts

Private Sector Counts is designed to help users gain a better understanding of the private sector’s contribution to family planning in developing countries and how it has evolved over the last 20 years. This tool allows users to answer the following questions by country and region:

  • What is the proportion of users obtaining modern contraceptive methods from the public or private sector?
  • What is the mix of methods used?
  • What is the mix of sources (public or private sector) for each method used?
  • How have these estimates changed over time?

The tool answers these questions by displaying the data in pie charts or columns. The mix of private-public sourcing of methods is displayed by hovering the mouse over a cell. Users can download the data into an Excel spreadsheet by clicking on the "Access the data" button at the bottom of the data visualization pages and then "in Excel Format".

SHOPS Plus Project

Sustaining Health Outcomes through the Private Sector (SHOPS) Plus project is USAID's flagship initiative in private sector health. The project seeks to harness the full potential of the private sector and catalyze public-private engagement to improve health outcomes in family planning, HIV, and maternal and child health. By increasing the participation and effectiveness of the private health sector, SHOPS Plus improves the equity and quality of the total health system.

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This tool was originally developed by USAID’s Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Sector (SHOPS) project.